Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cats for McCain - Meow

Alright I have to confess I have a mind that comes up with the craziest things sometimes. So my hubby and I are watching the Republican Convention. I was so amazed/amused by all the signs that people were holding: farmers for McCain, teachers for McCain and so on. Then I noticed that one of my cats was watching. So of course what does my mind think of: Cats for McCain. But of course by the time I made my sign and found my camera the cat disappeared and the convention was just about over. So if you look you'll see a stick with a feather on it between the McCains. That is so I could get my cat to watch again.

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Amy said...

That is funny! Thanks for the comment about the cellphone/popcorn thing on my blog. I had checked snopes. There was something about an egg and cellphones but this seemed much more realistic - and it was a video. So, if it's a hoax I just wonder how they did it! You have a couple of really cute projects on your blog! Congratulaitons on getting it started. I'll have to check back.