Monday, November 17, 2008

Darn That Spot!

I've tried and tried and I can't get that spot off the lens of my camera. It drives me crazy. Sorry.


Ana said...

is it possiable that your lens may be burnt and that why you cant remove the spot? take it to a cameras store and see what they say

Wanda. said...

Did you open up the camera and use one of those poofers (like the air art gun - or that thing they use to suck the junk out of a baby's nose)? I had taken my camera in and there was something on the mirror inside the camera that the lens reflects off of and the guy opened it up, exposed the mirror and used that poofer thing and the spot was gone. I am careful when I change lenses to have the camera facing the ground so nothing goes back up on the mirror. Hope this helps you out.